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implant dentures

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Sometimes, dentures simply do not fit well for patients, leaving them with loose fitting or uncomfortable dentures. Even with the help of denture adhesives, you may still be left with dentures that don’t stay in place very well. The good news is there is a better option for denture wearers, known as implants with dentures.

Dentures: Traditional v. Implant

Traditional dentures are made of an all-acrylic material that is molded to fit your mouth and take the place of your teeth. The key with dentures is that they require an adequate amount of jawbone for the dentures to remain in place. If the patient has severe bone loss, their dentures will probably never fit well, which can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Not to mention, loose fitting dentures mean you will likely end up not wearing them, which is a waste of money.

Implants dentures involve several or more dental implants that are permanently placed into the jawbone, leaving a small portion above the gum for the dentures to attach. The dental implants are made of titanium and serve as anchors for the dentures. This way, your dentures stay in place, and you can actually wear your dentures as they are meant to be worn.

Here are some benefits of implants with dentures:

  • Comfortable fit
  • No more embarrassment from loose dentures
  • Increased chewing functionality
  • Eliminates the need for sticky, inconvenient denture adhesives
  • Properly aligned bite
  • Easy to clean

Many dental offices promise a quick fix with economy dentures. These are cheaply made dentures that tend not to fit well for most patients. If you are looking to save money in the long run, save yourself a headache and hassle and choose the option that will provide you with your monies worth. Implant dentures will last you much longer, and you will be more than pleased with your results.

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