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For decades, dentists used metal fillings for cavities. These silver fillings, known as amalgam, are made from mercury, which has since been shown to cause adverse health effects if leaked into the patient’s bloodstream. Even the World Health Organization warns against the use of silver fillings. Metal fillings are also bad for your teeth because they do not expand and contract with temperature changes, like our teeth. Therefore, metal fillings cause teeth to crack and break over time. They can even begin to loosen, and then leak, causing decay and eventually, infection in the tooth.

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What are tooth-colored fillings?

As a safer, healthier alternative, Dr. Lippi uses tooth-colored fillings. These fillings are made of a composite resin material that is pliable when placed in your tooth, and then it hardens once it sets. As the resin is setting, it bonds to your natural tooth, to provide a long-lasting restoration. Tooth-colored fillings work well under constant temperature changes, last longer, and look beautiful in your mouth. No one would even know you have a composite filling since they match your teeth!

Dr. Lippi can even remove your old amalgam fillings and replace them with new, beautiful tooth-colored fillings. Placement of a tooth-colored filling can typically be completed in one visit. Once you leave our office, your teeth are ready to for eating and drinking.

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