Preventive Dental Care

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When it comes to your oral health, prevention is vital to preserving your smile. Preventive dental care often reduces your chances of requiring costly, more extensive repairs later on. Although we can repair damage or even replace missing teeth, nothing is quite as good as your natural teeth.

Make Reservation

Why is preventive care so important?

Skipping preventive care can lead to:

  • Gingivitis (swollen, bleeding gums)
  • Periodontal (gum) disease
  • Cavities
  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Infected tooth (pain and swelling of the face)
  • Tooth loss

At-home oral hygiene is also a major part of preventive care. Dr. Lippi recommends that patients brush and floss regularly. Avoiding too much sugar, sticky foods, and foods or beverages that stain your teeth is also ideal. If you find yourself giving into one or more of these cravings, be sure to rinse your mouth with water, if you are unable to brush right away.

What is Invisalign?

Getting started with Invisalign

To begin Invisalign treatment, a patient undergoes an evaluation by Dr. Lippi to determine a treatment plan. Each treatment plan will vary for patients, depending on their needs.

We proudly offer a variety of preventive services for you and your family, including:

  • Dental Cleanings and Routine Checkups (for children, teens, and adults)- allows us to keep a check on your oral health, address concerns as they arise and help keep your mouth healthy.
  • Digital X-rays – helps us to see below the gum line, your bone structure, in between teeth, and your tooth’s roots.
  • Sealants – mostly ideal for children or adults with deep crevices in their teeth. Also helps prevent decay in your teeth.
  • Fluoride Treatment – also ideal for children. Helps to remineralize tooth enamel, which protects against acid erosion and tooth decay.
  • Mouth Guard – an effective way for active individuals to protect their teeth. If you or your child play sports or participate in activities where trauma to the face is a possibility, a mouth guard can protect your teeth from breaking. Also, mouth guards are used to protect your teeth if you clench or grind them in your sleep.
  • Oral Hygiene Tips – we always strive to provide our patients with the utmost care and advice. We provide helpful oral hygiene tips and inform patients of any new products or techniques that can aid in their oral hygiene efforts.

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