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If you are missing several teeth on the same jawbone (either upper or lower), a partial denture may be an option for you. A partial denture also referred to as a partial, can either be made with metal or without metal, depending on your need and sometimes, the patient’s preference.

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What is a partial?

A partial is essentially a framework that has a partial denture attached. The partial denture section will look like gum tissue with teeth. When in your mouth, a partial fills the area of your missing teeth and clasps in the framework gently attach to your natural teeth to ensure a secure fit. No one will even know you are wearing a partial!

Benefits of a partial include:

  • Cost effective way to replace missing teeth
  • Provides an even bite
  • Secure, yet comfortable fit
  • Convenient to wear and easy to clean
  • Less invasive way of replacing teeth
  • You can add to your partial later on if you have another tooth extracted

Why should I replace my missing teeth?

Our mouth is designed to function with all our teeth in place. Even one single missing tooth can begin to interrupt the natural function of the mouth. Also, when teeth are missing, other teeth begin to shift, causing an uneven bite, which can lead to jaw joint disorders, headaches, and neck or back pain. Replacing your missing teeth also helps improve your chewing capabilities so that you can enjoy eating and maintain a healthy diet.

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