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Men, Looking for a Job? Visit the Dentist First!

men visit dentist firstCampbell, Los Gatos, San Jose, and Saratoga, Ca

Many dentists will tell you that men are less likely to skip their dental checkups than their female counterparts. In fact, an online pole of 289 general dentists and consumers surveyed that men feel as though there is not a need to visit the dentist, while 30% of responses indicated that men were either scared or too embarrassed to go.

Men, whatever your reason for not going to the dentist, this trend is changing, and here are the reasons why.

For years, cosmetic dentistry has been more so associated with female patients, but that is changing. Men also desire brighter, whiter smiles and straight teeth. Many layoffs around the country mean that middle-aged men are competing for jobs with young college graduates. As we age, it is only natural for our teeth to lackluster, but there is a remedy to this problem. If you are a man looking to further your career, stop and look in the mirror first. Don’t let your imperfect smile hold you back or destroy your confidence. Cosmetic dentistry is for men, too.

Tooth whitening is a relatively low-cost way of brightening your teeth and improving your smile. If you have other imperfections with your smile such as minor tooth crookedness, gaps between teeth, or badly stained teeth, veneers offer a more permanent solution to restoring your smile and your confidence. A consultation with the dentist will help determine which cosmetic dentistry treatments are best for you. Be sure to talk to the dentist about your specific concerns regarding your smile.

Once you settle on the type of cosmetic dentistry you need, remember to continue visiting the dentist twice a year for checkups and cleanings. Proper oral hygiene, along with routine dental visits will help keep your smile beautiful, and healthy.

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