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How to get a Hollywood Smile

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Do you desire a bright, beautiful smile that is worthy of Hollywood? If so, then veneers could be the cosmetic dental treatment for you.

Veneers are one of the most versatile procedures available in cosmetic dentistry today. They can correct a variety of issues, ranging from discolored or slightly crooked teeth to gaps in a smile. Also, thanks to advances in dental technology, veneers are better than ever. Modern veneers now possess a translucent appearance, making them look more natural and harder to distinguish from your other natural, healthy teeth.

Made of dental porcelain or a resin composite, a dental veneer is designed to cover the front surface of each tooth. When placed on the front of teeth, a veneer conceals imperfections and can even change the apparent size, shape, and length of the covered teeth. Dental porcelain is the most common material used for veneers since it is more stain-resistant and the material reflects light like natural tooth enamel.

Veneers are effective, but also rank among the most expensive procedures in cosmetic dentistry. However, they have plenty of benefits to warrant the cost. In addition to looking so much like natural teeth, veneers will not be stained by cigarette smoke, coffee, tea, red wine, or other foods and drinks that can stain your natural teeth. When dealing with teeth that have aesthetic issues but are otherwise healthy, veneers can be a good substitute for crowns, because they retain more of the natural structure of the tooth. Veneers also are an ideal solution for patients who’s teeth do not respond to teeth whitening treatments.

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